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College of Mechanical Engineering ChongQing University

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The college is rich of resources for teaching and research. Among the 289 staff members (including 201 full-time teachers) in the college, there are 41 professors (including 27 doctoral supervisors), and 67 associated professors. It has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (external), 3 specially appointed professors/ chair professors for the State's "Cheung Kong Scholars Program", 2 members of National Discipline Evaluating Group, 1 national outstanding teacher, 2 middle-aged and young scholars nationally appraised for remarkable contributions, 1 selected into the first and second levels of "the National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project" of ministry of personnel, 1 national excellent scientist, 9 scholars supported by the "Supporting Plan for New Century's Outstanding Talents" of the Ministry of Education, more than 30 local scholars in Chongqing. The College has created perfect education system for undergraduate, masterate, doctor, continuous educated personnel and foreign students in multi-level, is a research-orientated college with coordinated development of all disciplines. At present, there are 274 students for doctoral degree, over 882 students for master's degree, more than 3100 undergraduates, over 900 engineering master and college teachers studying in the College. The College also receives nearly ten foreign students from UK, Finland, Egypt and Sudan, sends out nearly 30 postgraduates to go to USA, UK, France, Finland, Singapore for cooperative research or studying for doctoral degree.

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