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College of Mechanical Engineering ChongQing University

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Pursuing actively all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging pattern of international exchange and cooperation, the College has signed agreements in the programs of academic exchange, scientific research, cooperation and student training with many universities and companies such as Michigan University of USA, University of Sheffield of UK, The University of Queensland of Australia, National University of Singapore , FORD Motor Company of USA, etc.

The College has undertaken a series of internationally cooperative research programs of EU, Hitachi Company and Ministry of Education of Japan, Ford Company of USA, and successfully sponsored International Conference on Product Design and Manufacturing Systems, International Conference on Mechanical Transmissions, etc. It has invited many internationally famous experts to work as honorary or consultant professors. Each year about 30 overseas scholars and experts come to the College to give lectures or do research work in cooperative projects.

The College sends many teachers to go abroad to receive further education, give lectures, conduct joint research or attend conferences and symposiums, and has signed "Teachers Exchange and Cooperation Program" with National University of Singapore to create high-level teaching and research teams with international perspectives. It also dispatches many students to study in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Australia for degree of Doctor or Master and enrolls students from UK, Egypt, Sudan, Columbia, Iraq and Thailand,etc.

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