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College of Mechanical Engineering ChongQing University

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  Powertrain Dynamics and Control

In combination with the national program for scientific and technological development and the development objective of Chongqing automotive industry, our team engaged in the fundamental theory and application research of hybrid powertrains, pure electric powertrains, automatic transmissions, vehicle system dynamics and chassis integrated control. Since 2008, our team was supported by the Nation...

  High-performance Electromechanical Transmission Mechanism

The theory and application research in the aspects of dynamic service behavior of drive system, high performance drive system innovation design theory and method, efficient drive system based on novel engineering composite materials, and transmission mechanism frication performance based on nanometer surface projects and the like under special and extreme environment were carried out, and innov...

  Mechanical Transmission Design Theories and Methods

nnovative research on gear transmission foundation theory and transmission structure mode is deeply developed closely around key scientific and technological issues of mechanical transmission in equipment manufacturing industry, thereby providing China's equipment manufacturing industries with a number of selective novel transmission models with excellent properties and simple manufacture. It h...

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